Why the Purple Squirrel?

Aside from the natural V-Shape, the term Purple Squirrel was coined in the early 2000’s as a way to describe the ideal candidate – which with little education or experience surpassed those with the highest degrees. At Vante we believe that the extraordinary will always prevail and are committed to extraordinary employees, products, and culture.


OUR Philosophy

All creative and manufacturing is handled in-house to maintain top control. We draw our own packaging, write and direct our commercials, and get the product to stores ourselves. We spare no expense when it comes to quality and design. We create products that customers will use for years and years to come.



  • The company was started under the name of Vante Toys by 16 year old Alexander Shlaferman.
  • Alexander grew up spending his summers pitching products at flea markets and state fairs across the country.
  • Alex launched his first product, the Super Looper, out of his bedroom.
  • Super Looper becomes a #1 seller at Bed Bath & Beyond and Toys R Us for the holiday season.
  • At one point, there were so many orders that Super Loopers were being assembled at his house to meet demands!
  • Inked a deal with the American Heart Association for 2,000,000 Super Loopers.
  • Opened up our company owned factory in Ningbo, China.
  • The Wallet Ninja was launched, and has sold over 4,000,000 Wallet Ninjas sold.
  • Wallet Ninja wins the Jordan-Whitney “Most Innovative Direct Response Ad” award.
  • Wallet Ninja becomes the #1 volume item on Groupon during Q4, and the #1 item at Office Depot and Office Max.
  • Expanded Wallet Ninja brand with six new ninja tools.
  • Released the hilarious Key Ninja commercial.
  • Entered pet market with Pooch Smooch in all major retailers nationwide.
  • Filed patent for our pen sized aerosol invention
  • Launched Bad, Baby Haircare in Ulta and CVS
  • Taking our technology worldwide